Being the oldest piercers in Coventry, Sapphire Jewellers have been specialising in ear and body piercing for an impressive 47 years. We pride ourselves on being specialists in the art of piercing, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.

We particularly specialise in baby ear piercing, from the age of 3 months and above. Choose from our diverse selection of studs, including options in 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold, as well as surgical steel, ensuring both elegance and durability. 

As well as ear piercing, our skilled team caters to nose and various body piercings, presenting options in gold and titanium to suit individual preferences. As a testament to our commitment to your well-being, we provide a complimentary instruction booklet along with a free aftercare service and an aftercare solution to ensure the comfort and longevity of your new piercings.

Your safety is our main priority, therefore we do ask you to fill a consent form making sure we are aware of any relevant medical conditions. For those under 16, parental consent is required in store. Additionally, for those aged 16 or over, a quick identification check may be required to ensure compliance with our standards.

Feel free to drop by our Coventry store anytime you’re ready; no appointment necessary. If you have any other inquiries, please visit our FAQs page, or you can reach us during our opening hours at 02476 225 391. 

Please find below a full price list of all the piercings we have to offer. 

We look forward to welcoming you soon!



Nose Titanium £25
14ct gold £35
Single earlobe & helix Surgical steel £15
3mm 9ct gold  £20
4mm 9ct gold £25
3mm 9ct gold CZ  £25
5mm 9ct gold CZ £30
7mm 9ct gold CZ £35
Double earlobe Surgical steel £24
3mm 9ct gold £30
4mm 9ct gold £35
3mm 9ct gold CZ £30
5mm 9ct gold CZ £45
7mm 9ct gold CZ  £55
14ct gold £60
14ct gold shaped £65
14ct gold hearts £70
14ct gold diamond £150
18ct gold £75
3mm 18ct gold CZ £65
Conch 9ct gold £25
14ct gold £35
Tragus 14ct gold £35
Scoffolding Titanium £45
Rook Titanium £35
Daith Titanium £40
Belly Single stone titanium £35
Double stone titanium £45
Lip  Titanium £35
Eyebrow Titanium £35
Single nipple Titanium £35
Double nipple Titanium £60