Ear or Body Piercing in Coventry

Full body piercing by the experts with over 40 years experience

If you are looking for ear, nose or body piercing, you are in the right place. Established in 1976, Sapphire Jewellers were one of the first retailers to do nose piercing for customers in Coventry. So rest assured, we are experienced with all types of piercing.

Guaranteed safe piercing

As a piercing specialist, we offer competitive prices and also guarantee 100% safe piercing. We only use tested and safe methods for any type of piercing.

Available piercing options:

  • Ear piercing
  • Nose piercing
  • Body piercing
  • Specialist child ear piercing service

Child ear piercing specialist

As child ear piercing experts we take great care in making sure we meet the hygiene standards required. We are licensed and have many years’ experience in baby and child ear piercing.

We also offer a range of individually packaged and sterilised earnings suitable for little ears.

For more information about our specialist child ear piercing service,contact ustoday.

For safe and affordable piercing, call: 024 7622 5391