Money Transfers in Coventry

Send money abroad

Are you looking to transfer money abroad to a loved one? Perhaps a member of your family has lost their holiday money and are in need of urgent funds. Whatever the reason we at Sapphire Jewellers offer a reliable money transfers in minutes. Simply visit us or give us a call to check what is required.

Based in Coventry we offer a convenient way to safely send money abroad.

Reliable money transfer

We offer money transfers through Western union that gives you the assurance that your money will safely reach its destination.

For more information about the identification and documents required for the money transfer, give us a call, we will be happy to help.

Our money transfer service offers:

  • Fast transfers

  • Low fees

  • Reliable

  • Global money transfer

Accurate jewellery valuation

If you have jewellery that is precious, you may want to consider getting it insured. Find out more about our jewelleryvaluationservice today.

Our services out available to customers throughout Coventry. Contact usfor more information.

Reliable money transfers in Coventry: 024 7622 5391